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Why We are Different

Institute of Professional Development (IPD) is a Private institute established in 2010 in the Southern Indian State of Kerala. Institute of Professional Development (IPD) stands for training and developing the professional prospects in Indian Professionals in different realms like Nursing, Engineering, Management, IT, Science and Technology. Fundamental philosophy behind founding this institution has been our real-life experience of working abroad. Indeed, there are a lot of professionals from Kerala who move over to countries abroad after obtaining their professional qualifications or degrees from India. Some of them move abroad after working certain number of years in India itself.

Often we find that the professionals who immigrate to work do not reach the possible levels of their professional and personal potentials as they find a certain level of dichotomy between their training and education in India with what is required as professional practice in the country that they reach. Thus, such migrations remain simple economic migrations. Often they are obliged to take up positions which are much lover to their profiles in the long-run. That happens often because of their inability or lack of skills to compete with or their lack of certain simple factors of technical professional skills in the country where they arrive. It can also happen because they are not having sufficient language proficiency in the country where they work. And finally such embarrassing professional situations arrive because they are lacking cultural competencies in the country where they work or they are not having sufficient intercultural training before they embark on a new life-changing international Mobility.

It is at this context that we decided to find a solution to this issue. We thought that there is a real need of Institute of Professional Development for those people who look forward to international Professional Mobility. Thus we founded the Institute of Professional Development (IPD) in Kerala. IPD India Stands for accompanying candidates in their aspiration to acquire international professional experience. Our objective is to accompany those young men and women who are professionally qualified in India are looking forward to acquire international professional experience to embellish their professional profile or personal experience.

Our training programs can be also to accompany those candidates who look forward to immigrate and work abroad on equal terms like the home country nationals in a country that they chose to live and work. Such a process of accompanying people requires not only a consulting or personality development programs but also tailored programs for all professionals or programs that can function as bridge program for each professional Field. Institute of Professional Development (IPD) was thus founded in 2010 and we have been accompanying a great number of professionals from various domains to realize thir professional goals.


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