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Institute of Professional Development (IPD) does have regular programs for all professionals. A part from the following regular programs which opens every semester, we do have specially tailored programs for individuals and groups both presential and online. Moreover, We do run language and Cultural training programs. Every semester we do have a batch of 10 candidates for the following programs. All these programs function as a bridge program for those looking forward to practice their profession in European countries.

1. Postgraduate Diploma in Geriatric Care

2. Postgraduate Diploma in Psychiatric Care

3. Advanced Diploma in Western Care Practice

4. Postgraduate Diploma in Western Physiotherapy Practice

5. Diploma in Evidence-Based Practice in Healthcare

6. Postgraduate Diploma for Engineers on Advanced Practice in the West

7. Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Management Practice

8. Postgraduate Diploma in New Concepts of Leadership in Management

A part from the regular courses provided in our Institute of Professional Development (IPD), we very often have partnership with international and European institutions which will contribute in a large level to our training courses which will add to our experience, value and practical sense in professional development programs.



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