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After six years of our founding we started having new emerging issues and questions. As candidates started coming more and more seeking professional development programs, we found that international mobility can work out if only the candidates have a professional qualification that is well elaborated and established. We can train people in their pursuit of international mobility if only we find their degree or other qualifications correspond to what is sought after in Europe. We found it important that we train people and accompany them if they belong to a professional field that fall under the shortage skill area in any European country. Otherwise, train and course they receive at our institution will remain just a namesake. So, often the influx of candidates in large numbers made us unable to assist a large chunk of them. Often it is easy to say that we can’t help you or we don’t have a corresponding programme for your professional project if the candidate comes from a professional area that is not at all in shortage anywhere in Europe.


We had a different categories of applicants who wanted to pursue one or the other program that we run in our Institute of Professional Development (IPD). Very often, those applicants can be very nice persons with great human qualities. Often we come across candidates with professional or other higher education qualifications which may not straight away make them eligible to obtain a job in Europe. Often they are very young men and women who are out with a school final Diploma, Bachelor degree in any field or with a Masters Degree. But by analysing the content of their program of study we understand that that is not going to fetch them anywhere in Europe.


Thus since last two years, we started working out a new arena for young candidates who have aspirations for international mobility. We started studying each individual candidate as a singular entity with unique needs and objectives. Thus, we opened the doors of Institute of Professional development (IPD) to those who need a complete higher education format abroad. So currently we accompany students who look forward to undertake higher studies abroad in Europe. So, those candidates who got their Senior School Certificates with Good Marks, Candidates holding a bachelor Degree in any field or those who hold a Masters Degree in any discipline can contact us. We help them understand what they need higher education to complement their actual educational qualification in order that they brighten their career prospects in Europe. Very often a higher degree from a European country on top of what they have from India is the only solution to realize their dream project. The main features of this Studies Abroad programme are the following. image : images/studies/pencil.jpg

• We accompany you in identifying and finalising your professional Project.

• We Help you recognize where you are lagging in

• We help you develop your Professional Project

• We help you get admission in Europe

• We help you obtain a Complete Scholarship for your study

• We help you a complete tuition waiver from a European University/School

• We help you be sure that you have a minimum tuition fee for dream program much less than what you would have paid for a similar degree in India.

• We help you get into a research institution in Europe which will value your calibre.

Your Bachelor or Masters Degrees can be in professional or non-professional fields. It can be in traditional disciplines. Don’t worry. If you succeed in a professional defining your professional project and aspirations with us, we will help you reach there come what may.


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